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The first owner of Lancut was Otton Pilecki, a Ruthenian governor. His wife Jadwiga became the godmother of King Wladyslaw Jagiello in 1386. Jadwiga's daughter Elzbieta is an interesting figure.

Her first husband took her from her house and married her despite the opposition of her parents. Her second husband kidnapped her from the first and killed his rival. Her family gave her to the third husband against her will. Shortly after the wedding, Elzbieta's husband was poisoned.

The thrice-widowed Elzbieta met King Wladyslaw Jagiello in the court of Duke Aleksander Mazowiecki in 1417. A year earlier the king had been widowed for the second time. With evident aversion the chroniclers write that Elzbieta charmed the king with black magic. The fact is that on May 2, 1417, sixty-six-year-old Jagiello took Elzbieta for his wife, and in November of that year he had her crowned.

This marriage made a sensation all over Poland: Polish kings never married any of their own subjects; on top of that, from the point of view of canon law the bride and groom were relatives (Elzbieta was the daughter of her husband's godmother). Jagiello must have had great feelings for Elzbieta, for he never parted from her. They always journeyed together. 
Elzbieta died on May 12, 1420. Jagiello inherited Lancut from her but shortly thereafter gave it to Elzbieta's son from her third marriage, Jan Granowski.