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Lancut - The Carriage Museum

This unique collection of horsedrawn vehicles is the fruit of a passion for collecting pursued by generations of Potockis for more than a century. It includes fifty-five carriages representing every type: parade coaches, others for visiting, long journeys, outings, sport and hunting.

Among the most valuable are two parade coaches from the first half of the nineteenth century made by the Viennese firm of Marker and the London firm of Middleton, the French caleche a la d'Aumont ceremonial carriage, and two light rigs for hunting made by the Paris firm of Binder, from the early twentieth century.

The Potocki collection is supplemented by about seventy horsedrawn vehicles collected after World War II through the efforts of Museum staff.
The collection is displayed in a building constructed in 1902, which house stables, a carriage house, saddlery and harness shop. No doubt the owners were justly proud of these interiors. The horse stalls were faced with marble, with coconut fibre mats; the floor of the large coach hall was paved with wooden cobbles to muffle the rumble of wheels and the clatter of hooves; and the walls were adorned with trophies from Alfred II Potocki's African hunting expeditions